Paine College Financial Aid

Financial Aid

The primary goal of the Paine College Financial Aid Office is to provide financial assistance to students, who, without such aid, would be unable to attend the institution. This site has been prepared to provide you with information on how to apply for financial aid, the various types of financial aid available, and alternatives that are available to help you and your families meet the cost of attending Paine College.

Financial Aid Counselors
Financial Aid Phone Number: (706) 821-8262

Counselor- Jennifer Bussey: or (706) 821-8381

Default Manager - Angela Bussey (706)821-8321

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Financial Aid Office is to provide financial services to students and their families and to encourage each member of a diverse student body to achieve his or her educational goals. This service is a joint venture among students, their families and the Financial Aid Office.

Vision Statement

The Vision of the Financial Aid Office is to deliver effective, efficient and courteous service. In collaboration with federal and state agencies and institutional departments, the Financial Aid Office diligently tends this relationship to maintain accountability and compliance with applicable laws, regulations and policies, in order to reasonably assure the most equitable and ethical awarding of financial assistance.


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